DG’S Three Point Programme Programme No 01
Sustainable Excellence In Administration
1.1 District Administration
  • Initiate an effective change in the District Administration through different thinking.
  • Effectively implement best practices in the District Administration guided purely by results
  • Determine the organizational objectives and transmit them to the cabinet officers to enable them to play an active role in the participatory process.
  • Set up challenging but attainable objectives, promote motivation and empowerment at all levels.
  • Develop better communication skills in order to reduce the communication gaps.
  • Develop best practices in Financial Management to ensure transparency.
  • Develop an effective reporting system in order to share the information with the District and the LCI.
  • Define the role of Cabinet members, develop and put in place new systems that will reinforce the DG’s vision.
1.2 Club Administration
  • Strengthen the Clubs by giving them more opportunities to carry out club projects.
  • To assist the Clubs to prepare and implement their Action Plans in line with the D.G.s Programme.
  • Encourage Clubs to celebrate anniversaries and other events during the regular meetings to develop a lasting relationship and family spirit among the members.
  • Enlighten the Clubs on how to conduct productive meetings with managing time effectively.
  • To encourage the Clubs to reach excellence by winning the “Club Excellence Awards”.
  • Encourage Clubs to do innovative projects with the involvement of the young members to attract the attention of the general Public.
Monthly DG Team Meeting or Teleconference and quarterly meeting to be held DG To monitor and evaluate
the completion of the
goals of the month/quarter
and to take corrective
To provide information of
District affairs monthly to
the Clubs
Cabinet Secretary To keep the membership
informed about the
events and the projects
done the District and
To prepare monthly
Receipts & Payments to
be tabled at the DG Team
Cabinet Treasurer To monitor the financial
movements of the District,
To submit an Action Plan for
the year to the DG Team
before end July, 2017
Club Presidents To formulate the Master
Plan of the District by
the Chief Co-ordinator –
To submit Action Plans
for the year including the
4 Advisory Committee
meetings, before
15th July, 2017
Zone Chairpersons To review and monitor
the performance of line
officers by the GLT/GMT
To conduct Advisory
Committee Meetings in
September and November
2017 as well as in February
and April, 2018
Zone Chairpersons To enhance the quality of
Club Administration
To conduct 4 meetings with
the Zone Chairpersons after
their Advisory Committee
To review the
performance and take
necessary action to
ensure successful
To implement the DG’s
programme co-ordinating
with Clubs
implementation of the
Implementation of the
District Projects
Chairpersons &
To facilitate the successful
completion of the projects
To open a Branch Office in
the Lions Activities Center,
Lion Hemali
To improve the system
of Club Supplies and
1.3 Membership Development
GOAL - To achieve a membership growth of + 140 members by end of June, 2018 through quality recruitment process whilst paying Attention to Retention

To extend 8 new Clubs
before end of June, 2018
GMT Team To strengthen the
membership of the District
To extend 2 Women’s Clubs
before end December, 2017
To strengthen the
membership of
the District
To obtain a list of private
sector employees in the
District from the Census
Department before 30th
April 2017
DG Elect To select quality and
prospective Lions
To set up a Lions Special
Task Force (LSTF) with 5
young members before 30th
June, 2017
DG Elect To attract and enroll
young adults to the
To prepare a PPT with Mega
service projects done by the
Lions and the contribution
made by LCI
LSTF To be shown in the
orientations and in the
awareness programmes
To contact the young
adults in the Friendship
Associations and in the Old
Boys/Old Girls Associations
in prominent schools
LSTF To enlighten them on
the services done by
the Lions and get them
To encourage and guide
the clubs to give + 3
membership by December
2017 and maintain it up to
end of June 2018
GMT Team and the
Zone Chairpersons
To achieve the target of +
140 growth at the end of
the lionistic year
To encourage and guide the
clubs to have a minimum
of 20 members by end
December, 2017 and
maintain it up to end June,
GMT Team and the
Zone Chairpersons
To strengthen the clubs in
the District
To obtain a list of dropped
members and cancelled
clubs during the past 5
years before end June,
GMT Team and the
Zone Chairpersons
To find the reasons
behind their leaving and
to take necessary steps to
absorb them
To offer a Honorary
Membership to a Prominent
figure in the Cinema and
Cricket arena
Lions Clubs To attract and increase
the Lady Membership
To conduct orientation
programmes and
awareness programmes as
and when required
GMT Team and
Lions Clubs
To attract and increase
the Membership
To conduct a Mass
Induction Ceremony on 28th
October, 2017
DG Team and the
respective Clubs
To recruit 100 New Lions
1.4 Leadership Development
GOAL - To equip the Lions in the District with leadership skills in order to achieve the goals of the District

Practical Job Training for
the Cabinet Officers in
Colombo on 3rd June, 2017
To enlighten them on
preparing action plans to
execute the programme
Practical Job Training for
Club Officers in Colombo on
4th June, 2017
To enlighten them on
preparing action plans to
execute the programme
Training for Line Officers on
12th August, 2017 in
Colombo and 13th August,
2017 in Matara
GLT Team To enlighten them on the
duties and prepare their
Action Plans
To conduct 2 CQI
programmes in Colombo
on 16th September, 2017
and in Matara on 17th
GLT Team To find out what amenities
are needed most to
the people in the areas
To conduct 2 CGL
Programmes in Colombo
and Matara on 17th
February and 18th February,
2018 respectively
DG Team To train the members of
the Clubs to be Guiding
Mid-Course Correction
Seminar in Galle on 6th
January, 2018
2nd VDG & GLT
To review the
performance of the clubs
and take corrective action
To encourage the Cabinet
Officers to complete
Leadership courses in Lions
Learning Center
DG Team To get their knowledge
enhanced to perform as
To encourage the Cabinet
Officers and Senior Lions to
participate in webinars
2nd VDG & GMT
To get practically involved
in Seminars conducted
online by LCI

Programme No 02
Sustainable Excellence In Effective Humanitarian Projects
2.2 Legacy Project Of The District
To set up and maintain a Garden of Medicinal Plants in Weligatta, Hambantota in collaboration with the University of Colombo
2.3 Five Key Service Areas
2.3.1 Sharing Our Vision
  • To conduct the White Cane Day with the participation of 500 visually handicapped.
  • To distribute 500 White Canes on the day of the Visually Handicapped through Clubs.
  • Two Free Cataract Surgeries to be offered by the Lions Gift of Sight Hospital to each club and the club is expected to sponsor at least two Free Cataract Surgeries.
  • To facilitate 3 blind singers in the Musical show to be held on 19th August, 2017
2.3.2 Diabetes Awareness And Prevention
  • Community Empowerment in the fight against Diabetes by raising awareness among the public through the Diabetes Core 4 programme
  • Build partnership with the Diabetes Association in conducting programmes to educate school children and teachers on prevention of diabetes
  • Road Show on Diabetes in 12 locations from Colombo to Kataragama
  • Screening tests for Diabetes Neuropathy at the Diabetes Center in Panadura
2.3.3 Releiving Hunger
  • To introduce organic paddy varieties to farmers and conduct awareness programmes
  • To arrange alms giving to 100 children’s homes on the same day
  • To arrange alms giving to 100 elder’s homes on the same day
  • To donate provisions and baby requirements to 100 pregnant mothers
2.3.4 Protecting Our Environment
  • To plant 100 plants in 100 schools / temples, by each club
  • To conduct beach cleaning programmes from Wellawatta to Tangalle on the same day
  • To introduce garbage disposal methods to schools
  • To encourage home gardening by distributing essential plants to 100 families
2.3.5 Pediatric Cancer
  • To donate essential drugs to patients in the Cancer Hospital on a monthly basis
  • To help new cancer patients to get the Genetic Test done
  • To help Parents/Caretakers who accompany cancer patients from remote places to the Cancer Hospital
2.4 Other Humanitarian Projects
2.4.1 Engaging Our Youth
  • To expand the LEO District by extending 10 New LEO Clubs
  • To arrange youth camps and youth exchange programmes
  • To continue the (RAP) Reading Action Programme
  • To establish training centers for English and Chinese language in Aluthgama, Galle and Matara
  • To organize educational seminars for Grade 5, O/L and A/L Students
2.4.2 Community Health Care Services
  • To provide purified drinking water for 4000 school children in Debarawewa MV, Tissamaharama
  • Screening and prevention of Kidney Diseases
  • Dengue awareness and prevention
  • Mobile Dental Clinics in the Mega Health Camps organized by the Clubs
2.4.3 Caring For The Senior Citizens And The Handicapped
  • To distribute 100 Wheel Chairs for the physically handicapped in the District
  • To distribute 100 Hearing Aids
  • To organize the “Day with the Differently Abled”
  • To conduct a “Day with the Elders” providing them with entertainment and food
  • To encourage the clubs to donate at least a one full day meal each to the Camilla School
2.4.4 Women Empowerment
  • To increase the women membership upto 28% in the District
  • To enhance the entrepreneurial capacity of Women by conducting leadership seminars
  • To continue the Kantha Abimani Programme
  • To train Young Women in Beauty Culture
  • To provide Loans for self employment projects through the Lanka Lions Foundation.
2.4.5 Child Care Services
  • To celebrate World Children’s Day with 1000 children
  • To provide facilities, nutritional food and drinks to Children’s Homes
  • Musical Dialogue with youth in children’s homes and prisions
  • Awareness programmes on Child Abuse
2.4.6 Promote Melvin Jones Fellowships And Lanka Lions Foundation
  • To celebrate the birthday of Melvin Jones by conducting Blood Donation Progammes in each Region on 13th January 2018 with a target of collecting 1000 units of blood
  • Awareness Programmes on the importance of LCIF programme and the donations made by them
  • Promote a minimum of Fifteen MJF members from the District before December, 2017
  • Promote a minimum of Twenty Five members to the Lanka Lions Foundation from the District

Programme No 03
Sustainable Excellence In Brand Image

3.1 Enhance The Brand Image Of The Organisation
  • To raise the Lions profile by effective publicity through electronic and print media
  • To make maximum use of the social media platforms like Face book, Twitter and You Tube to promote public awareness
  • To promote public awareness through our PR Projects such as “Sinha Charika” and “Road Show on Diabetes”
3.2 Public Relations, Awareness And Publicity
  • To construct a house for a deserving family in each Region
  • To collaborate with an electronic media to get publicity for the humanitarian projects and other District events
  • To provide school children in 100 Schools with “Stop” sign boards who are engaged in controlling traffic
  • To connect with the community by making a lasting impact through effective Legacy projects
3.3 Welfare Of The Lions Members
  • Lions Family get-together
  • District Cricket tournament
  • Lions Nature photo contest
  • Awareness programme on social etiquette and computer literacy

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